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Capturing Inspiration Fine Art Photography Retreat Summer 2019 UNIQUE FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP IN POLAND

Lets get Creative


I believe that creativity can change people lives.
I believe in showing Magic, Beauty and the sacred relationship between humans and Nature, and I believe that the more people will learn how to see Magic and Beauty in the World our Reality will change.
I believe that creating Magical Images that engage the viewer is easy, and with the right tools and mindset anyone can do that, without massive production or team and studio.
I invite you to join me on a journey that will change the way you see the World around you, and what is even more important, you will be able to transport this into your vision and art.

Fine Art Photographer

The retreat will be led by Experienced Educators with background in Academia and experience with art and commercial photography and modelling

Magical Place

5 daysRetreat in Magical Polish Seaside. We will stay in a Rustic Retreat, hidden in enchanted woodlands, providing us tranquillity and allowing everyone to get closer to Nature.

Ignite Your Creativity

In Every moment you get the choice to be Creative and no-one else can choose it for you. During the Retreat you will discover tools to help you stay inspired throughout your life and transform your passion into a career.

Relax and Reconnect

Join us and meet like minded individuals, who love creating. And discover the joy of unstoppable inspiration. We will have also time to relax and reconnect with Nature and Ourselves.

Find the Magic of Creating

In this hands-on 5 days class you will discover a unique set of tools to ignite your creativity and stay inspired throughout your life.

How much do you judge yourself and your art? Constantly comparing yourself to others? Not feeling good enough?

What if you could see the value of your uniqueness and your creativity instead of wrongness of it? What would change for you and your art if it was your reality to create freely beyond and limitations?

The Capturing Inspiration 5 day fine art photography retreat is all about choosing to create in a different way. So it is fun, free from judgment and comes to you with total ease.

Would you be willing to explore the possibilities?

Don’t miss this if you want to take your photography and creativity to a brand new level!

Escape from reality and step into capturing your creativity with surroundings to inspire magic!

The retreat offers the photographer a comprehensive package right from creation to the development of the final image, with a variety of styles including landscapes, model and conceptual genres.

Expression of interest at this stage only, while we work on the perfect package for you!

Please sign up for a newsletter with your  name and email  below and we will contact you very soon!



Whats Included?

Are you ready to ignite your Imagination?

There is so many things included in the Capturing Inspiration Fine Art Photography Retreat, and we are constantly working to add more to it.

  • 5 days in a remote country side rustic retreat.
  • 4 days of hands-on workshops
  • Tools to ignite your creativity
  • Meals
  • 3 Models
  • Unique costumes
  • Challenges to help you step out of your box.
  • Transports from and to the airport.
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Plenty of opportunities to build your fine art photography portfolio and explore other genres of photography.
  • Field trips to nearby attractions.

And much more…

What to expect over the 5 days?

The workshop will focus on how to create more meaningful art for yourself and others, how to find confidence in your craft, and more.

The most creative setting where you can reconnect with your creativity, find inspiration, relax, retreat and reset.

Typical day schedule

9am – Breakfast

10.11am – Inspiration Talk, and Tools, and Challenges for the day

11.11am – Time to Create! This will be the time for you to create!

1pm – Light Lunch

2.00pm – Afternoon Session

6.00pm – Evening Meal

7.30pm -Relaxing and Individual Portfolio Reviews, goals setting,

Each student will have plenty of opportunities to take their own pictures of the model during the workshops.

Make sure to bring your cameras and memory cards! For the retouching please bring your Wacom tablet if you own one, it is not mandatory but highly recommended.

There will be plenty of time to ask questions!

Location and accomodation details are to be determined, but it will be near Łeba, Poland.

  • Reserve your place with a deposit

  • £255/mo
  • pay deposit to reserve your place, and pay the rest later