About us
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About us

Duis sed odio sit amet nibh vulputate cursus a sit amet mauris.

I`m a fine art portrait photographer, illustrator and educator.

I was born in Poland, where I studied on Academy of Fine Arts. After graduating I moved to Wales where I currently live, I also graduated from Glyndwr University  with a Masters Degree in Illustration.

I collect and create moments and tales throughout my life.  I always loved creating stories. All of the images were always in my head, and they`ve been itching to get out and be told (or shown in my case) to others.

They are a mixture of history, and mythology, hugely influenced by my cultural background, and my belief system.

I was born in Poland, and since early days I was affected by traditional legends and stories. Soon I discovered that they are part of fantastic Slavic Culture I had the luck to be born in.  In them everything was connected to the force of nature. Everything had purpose and meaning. All of those stories had strong female characters in them; wise women who knew how to heal with herbs and energy, goddesses, fairies, spirits and many more. Everything was in perfect balance.

Those tales run in my blood. They are visible in every artwork I create.

I invite you to step into the world of nature, magic and energy. Where everything is the opposite of what it appears to be, and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be…

You can find me on:

Vogue   Facebook   instagram   twitter   vimeo

Individual Exhibitions

  • “Tales”, Photography and illustrations Exhibition, Lot11, Wrexham, UK 06.2018
  • “Tales”, Photography and illustrations Exhibition, 1260 Gallery, Chester 12.2015
  • “Gum Bichromate”, Photography and Art Exhibition, The Art Gallery, Bootle, Liverpool 05.2013
  • “Slavic Tales”, Photography Exhibition, Muza, Sosnowiec, Poland 06.2012
  • “Slavic Tales”, Photography Exhibition, Manufaktura, Wrocław, Poland 01.2012
  • “Slavic Tales”, Photography Exhibition, Platon, Florence, Italy 08.2011
  • “Modern Woman”, Solo photography Exhibition, Cargo, Florence, Italy 01.2011
  • “Perfect Woman” photography and painting exhibition, Art Café, Sosnowiec, Poland 09.2009

 Group Exhibitions

  • Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2019, New York City, NY, USA 03.2019

  • “SCOPE Miami Beach 2018”, 801 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL, USA, 12.2018
  • “Shapes of Light”, Galeria Lipowa 3, Krakow, Poland 05.2018
  • “Jung’s Archetypen der Frau in Verbindung mit Glas und Fotografien”, Minden, Germany, 03.2016
  • “Tales, Travel and Tolerance” Photography Exhibition, Oriel, Glyndwr Wrexham 04.2016-07.2016
  • “Extreme Jewelry” exhibition of Katarzyna Gemborys glass jewelery with fine art photography, Minden, Germany, 03.2016
  • “Extreme Jewelry” PhD exhibition of Katarzyna Gemborys – fine art photography of glass pieces, ASP im E. Gepperta, Wroclaw, Poland   01.2016
  • “Fragilita” – Gallery Za Szkłem, ASP im.E.Gepperta, Wrocław, Poland 11.2015
  • Gloop for Helfa Gelf, illustration and photography, Squash Court, Chirk Castle, UK 09.2015
  • “Kobiecosci/Sensual”,  Muzeum Sleżańskie, Sobótka, Poland 10.2014
  • “UndegUn”, Helfa Gelf,  Wrexham, UK 09.2014
  • “Gloop for Helfa Gelf”, Squash Court, Chirk Castle, UK 09.2014
  • “HET KLEDEN VAN DE NAAKTEN”, Forma Aktua | Pinakotheek, Groningen, Netherlands 08.2014
  • “Eastern Wall”, Handel’s Court Gallery, Chester, UK 02.2013
  • “Professional Photographer of the Year 2012”, Cheltenham, UK 05.2013
  • “Curiouser & Curiouser”, The New Welsh Assembly Building, Shrewsbury, UK 09.2012
  • “Stained Glass: Marta Sienkiewicz and Students”, Muzeum Piastów Polskich, Brzeg, Poland 06.2010
  • “Glass Design Exhibition”, “Enter” Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia 05.2010
  • “M.A Show”, BWA, Wroclaw, Poland 10.2009
  • “Wielka Szajba 2.” Design Museum, Wrocław, Poland 11.2008
  • “Sale”, Glyndwr, Wrexham, UK 02.2008
  • “Wielka Szajba”, Modern Art Museum, Bełchatów, Poland 01.2008
  • “Wielka Szajba”, Modern Art Museum, Bełchatów, Poland 12.2007
  • “Plener Malarski”, ASP, Wrocław, Poland 09.2009


four Bronze Awards in Portrait Masters Awards 2018

“Professional Photographer of the Year 2012”, 2nd in Black and White Category 2013

Scholarship for Artistic Developments, Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Poland 2009

Scholarship for Artistic Developments, Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Poland 2008

Scholarship for Artistic Developments, Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Poland 2007

“Wszędzie Niebiesko, Wszędzie Zielono” International Artists Contest, Warsaw, 2004

Tales hold great power over us. They inspire us. They excite us. They riddle us with doubt, and fill us with belief. They keep us awake at night, and bring us comfort as we sleep.
The tales we tell are the thread that weaves the narrative through our existence.

They encompass our whole being, with no respect for the boundaries of fact and fiction, reality and fantasy. We perpetually, involuntarily, pen stories to give order to our past, context and meaning to our present, and to grant us courage and purpose as we stride into our future. They are there for us when we are in search of answers to the questions of who we are, why we’re here, and where we’re going.

These tales lay deep and entangled roots, knitting together our connections to our friends and family, our homes and surroundings, our faith and our culture. Just as the entangled roots of the Mangrove trees give rise to the new grounds which surround them, these tales give birth to new lands too, to new layers of existence which surround us, and from which we cannot escape. They form us.

The master storyteller takes us on a journey, but never carries us. They are beacons, guiding us on our way, but ultimately entrusting us to carve our own path, to animate our own vision, and to find our own meaning within.

Karolina Skorek is a master storyteller.

Her works are laced with symbolism and familiarity. They are a celebration of the
human form, an exploration of light and shadow, and evoke sentiments of ancient myths, and lost civilisations. Their familiarity invites us in, and their symbolism entwines with our own narratives, memories, desires and beliefs, to grant us access to fertile and
unchartered ground within our own consciousness.
Karolina’s work is always striking for its detail, each fleeting moment captured with
forensic precision. The depth of every stare, the fall of every shadow, the tension of every sinew, is considered, deliberate, and purposeful.

The most delicately placed of beacons, grant access to the most engaging of journeys, and a myriad of stories, each deeply personal to the viewer.

I am a fervent believer that, as creatures of this world, we can only be truly understood as an inextricable nexus of the bodies we possess, the environments we inhabit, and the stories we create to embellish them, with each element entirely co-dependent upon its siblings. It is this narrative which Karolina’s storytelling evokes and reinforces in me.

The collection brought together in Tales is a testament to the dedication of a great
photographer, artist and storyteller, to hundreds of hours of work, to an unflinching vision, and to a life time of formative tale telling.

It is a fantastic achievement.
Mike Corcoran



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